By Sarah Martinez, CAFP Policy and Advocacy Intern Last April, Colorado passed HB18-1284 Disclosure of Prescription Costs at Pharmacies, enacting the “Patient Drug Costs Savings Act”. Before this legislation, insurance carriers and their Prescription Benefit Managers in Colorado could maintain contracts with pharmacies that included “Gag Clauses”. These were legal agreements that threatened to punish

By Riley Stanton, CAFP Intern The ballots are in, and the votes are tallied, and we are excited to announce the new board members joining the CAFP. We will have a new member joining us this year and some current board members participating in new positions. Jen Feng, MD, Denver Dr. Feng is a graduate

By Madison Dillon, CAFP Policy Intern Thank you to all the physicians who made a difference in Colorado during 2018! Your dedication and volunteerism made a meaningful impact this past year. Let’s look back at some of your accomplishments. Fifty-three CAFP physicians participated in our Doctor of the Day program, bringing healthcare to over 30