New Leadership Program Trains Primary Care Providers to Advocate for Good

Turn on the TV, go online, pick up a newspaper, it’s not hard to see that healthcare and health policy are hot and contentious topics. The endless debate can leave healthcare providers wondering: how can I possibly make a difference? How can we add the voice of experience and reason to all the noise? Primary

By Stephanie Gold, MD The Primary Care Investment Strategy The CAFP is pursuing a Primary Care Investment Strategy (PCIS) with the aims of: 1) accurately measuring how much is being spent on primary care in Colorado 2) increasing spending on primary care to a target of 15% of total health care spending 3) requiring increasing

By Michael J. Pramenko, MD Stop the press. Public and private payers take note. Primary Care in the United States is undervalued.  Surely, and sarcastically speaking, primary care providers are shocked by this news. In medicine and public policy, we like to believe that we follow the evidence and let facts guide the implementation of

By Zach Wachtl, MD Going to the doctor can be very different these days, especially if you consider how it contrasts with experiences 50, 25, or even 10 years ago. Perhaps in the past, or in some places today, when you got sick you sat in a waiting room, had your vitals taken, waited in