Virtual Doctor of the Day — 2021 Legislative Session

Doctor of the Day — our unique volunteer opportunity with state lawmakers to highlight what family physicians are all about — is resuming for the 2021 legislative session. The legislative session will be modified due to COVID-19. They will gavel in for a few days in January, but will not convene again until February 16th. This will be conducted virtually, through Doximity, which presents additional opportunities for you to get involved. We will be providing telehealth services to state lawmakers and staff at the State Capitol as they work amid an ongoing pandemic.

Because this is virtual, you can volunteer from your home or office. This provides us the opportunity to display telehealth in action, and to further center the importance of the connected family physicians in safeguarding the health of Colorado.

We will provide you with an update on the legislature’s work on the date you volunteer, and you will have the opportunity to watch and listen to legislative proceedings online if you would like. Patient volumes are typically low so you would likely not need to dedicate an entire day for patient care. The schedule will be as follows:

  • Monday, 10AM to 4PM
  • Tuesday through Thursday, 9AM to 4PM
  • Friday, 9AM to Noon

The form below lists the dates that are available in the coming months. Please fill out the form and a member of CAFP’s staff will be in contact shortly to confirm and assist with any questions you may have.

For further questions about the Doctor of the Day program or to schedule for a date further into the future, please reach out to Erica Pike MS, CAFP’s Director of Policy and Government Relations at

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