New Physicians Benefits

The transition from residency to full time practice can be both exciting and stressful. To help our newest members (those 7 years or fewer into practice), the CAFP is happy to provide a comprehensive benefits package designed for graduating residents and new physicians. This includes a contract review, financial review, and free CME — a total savings of over $1,100.

Financial support for this program is provided by the AAFP Foundation to the Family Medicine Philanthropic Consortium (FMPC) and is funded by members like you! Help programs like this continue to support family medicine by giving to the AAFP Foundation. Select “Chapter Grants” when making your gift online.

The individual programs are explained below:

Free Attendance to the Annual Summit (CME, One-Time Use)

We offer CME opportunities throughout the year, including our largest event, the Annual Summit. Attending an Annual Summit can provide a substantial portion of the live CME credits the AAFP requires you to have for a three-year period.

Eligibility: Doctors who are less than three years post-residency

Value: The CAFP will cover your registration costs for in-person attendance to one conference — a $300 value in 2021.

How to Use This Benefit: Please contact Erin Watwood, CAFP’s Director of Education, Events and Meetings at Let her know you wish to take advantage of your free conference benefit, and she will get you registered.

Employee Contract Review (One-Time Use)

The attorneys below are partnering with CAFP to provide employment contract reviews for family physicians seeking a position in Colorado. Having an attorney review your contract can give you peace of mind, and helps ensure the contract meets your needs. Common areas of concern include the terms of liability tail coverage, total compensation including paid time off and CME, productivity requirements and
bonuses, call coverage, noncompetition clauses, and buy-in potential.

Eligibility: All graduating residents and new physicians up to 7 years into practice who are reviewing contracts for jobs in Colorado.

Value: The CAFP will cover up to $500 for a contract review. Depending on the attorney you choose and the complexity of your contract review, your costs could be greater than $500. We encourage you to discuss with the attorneys you contact what your projected costs will be.

How to Use This Benefit: Each attorney has their own approach and style to reviewing a contract. We encourage you to review their information and to get in touch with them to find the best fit for you. When you reach out, be sure to let them know you are a member of CAFP using the new physicians benefit so we will be billed for the services.

Available Professionals: Click here for the latest list of participating attorneys in Colorado.

Financial Review (One-Time Use)

The financial planners below are specialists in helping medical professionals with student loans. This consultation will help you navigate repayment options, budgeting, refinance, and payment options. To use the benefit, please specify with the professional you select that you are a CAFP member. CAFP will reimburse up to $300 of consultation activity.

Eligibility: All graduating residents and new physicians up to 7 years into practice who are planning to practice, or are currently practicing, in Colorado.

Value: The CAFP will cover costs up to $300. We recommend discussing with the professional you choose as some may have different charges based on your needs and the complexity or amount of your loans.

How to Use This Benefit: All financial professionals will work with you virtually. Explore the list below to choose a financial professional who is right for you. When you reach out, let them know you are a part of the Colorado Academy of Family Physicians. Depending on your costs the financial planner will bill either you or the CAFP directly. If you are billed please contact the Ryan at the CAFP at or 303-696-6655 x 117 so we can reimburse you.

Available Professionals: Click here for the latest list of participating financial planners in Colorado.