Stop and Imagine: Preventing Marijuana Use in Colorado Youth


The Stop & Imagine program was developed as a response to an increased need identified by educators and physicians. They recognized that elementary school students had many questions about marijuana, but resources for students this age were lacking, particularly resources that were physician led.

In response to this members of the Colorado Academy of Family Physicians developed a curriculum that brings an educational and engaging message about staying marijuana free to classrooms and afterschool programs across Colorado.

The curriculum lasts one hour and is led by a family physician. The classroom or program participating can then have students participate in a poster drawing contest to keep the message of the curriculum alive. The program incorporates best practices from the youth prevention space, including positive messages and avoiding scare tactics. The curriculum also addresses some of the key issues research like the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey in Colorado have identified as important, including perceptions of marijuana and the ever-evolving methods of use.

Participating schools have students take a pre- and post-presentation quiz designed to gather data on how effective the program is.

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