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COVID-19 Resources

Updated December 2022

Public Health Resources

Starting January 1, 2023, Coloradans who need help making an appointment by phone to get a COVID-19 vaccine or need vaccine information should use the CDC’s free COVID-19 vaccine hotline at 1-800-232-0233.

Medicare and Medicaid Resources

Advocacy and Life Resources

  • Colorado Center on Law and Policy has created a curated list of resources for struggling families in Colorado.
  • Undocumented Communities:
    • United We Dream has health care information for undocumented communities here.
    • COVID-19 Resources for Undocumented Communities has national and state-specific resources for undocumented communities, in English and Spanish (tabs are at the top).
    • Front Range Mutual Aid is collecting information about those individuals who need help. This is a grassroots effort to provide direct support, with resources in both English and Spanish, and is inclusive, but not only specific to,  individuals and communities without papers.
    • Here is a Health Care Resource Guide that Center for Health Progress put together in both Spanish and English to support people, particularly immigrants without documentation, to find health care in this moment. The list is evolving and they will continue to update it. If you are from a clinic with other information for them to include or change, please email Dana Kennedy at dana.kennedy@centerforhealthprogress.org.

    LGBTQ Communities:

    • Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund has created a resource page of Know Your Rights materials for transgender and non-binary people and also has information about court proceedings for name-change processes.

Physician Well-being