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Luke Casias

My membership to the Colorado Academy serves as a means of staying connected with fellow Family Physicians who are equally committed to the delivery, survival, and improvement of medical care in our state.

Colleen Conry

I belong to the CAFP because I want to make a difference for all of the patients of Colorado, not just the ones I can see every day. I have been blessed to be able to participate in influencing state health care policies, improving patient care through PCMH projects and improving the knowledge of all…

Brian Bacak

I love belonging to a group who cares so much for our specialty. The CAFP works tirelessly to advance the principles, business interests, and message of Family Medicine. I never stop being impressed.

Rick Budensiek

I belong to the CAFP because no other organization understands my challenges and represents those challenges in our legislature, with the health plans, and with our AAFP! CAFP really captures the heart of the family physician in advocating for our patients.

Kent Voorhees

I belong to the CAFP because it is an organization that works hard every day to represent the interests of family physicians, striving to help improve physician practices and the care that our patients receive.

Kajsa Harris

I belong to the CAFP because it is an organization that lives its mission statement. This is rare and wonderful! The CAFP really is the “Bold Champion” for physicians and patients.

Robert Vogt

I belong to the CAFP because it is a strong, respected and practical advocate for me as a practicing physician in a solo FP practice. The CME and networking are great, and the CAFP effectively works for family medicine and our patients in the halls of the Colorado legislature, bringing about change in ways I…

Grace Borton

l belong to CAFP because it allows students to network with family physicians and build mentors as we pursue our interest in family medicine. It also allows family physicians and students opportunities to get involved in the community and improve the health of the public.