Rural Preceptor Tax Credit Could Bring More Care to Rural Coloradans

The Rural Preceptor Tax Credit that would be created by House Bill (HB)-1142 is a chance to bring care to some of the most in-need Coloradans. An infographic created by the Colorado Rural Health Center highlights the top reasons this legislation is so important. Of note:

  • The Rural Preceptor Tax Credit would help the majority of the state, as the majority of Colorado is rural.
  • Access is critical in rural Colorado: 13 counties do not have a hospital. We need 20% more providers in rural Colorado for those patients to have equitable access to care.
  • Students and residents who train in rural areas have a much higher chance of going on to practice there. There are both short term and long term goals associated with the tax credit.

See the full infographic below.

See the details of the bill.

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Rural Preceptor Tax Credit Infographic