PRESS RELEASE: CAFP Board Member Speaking at Governor Polis Press Conference

Today, at 1:30 pm, CAFP Board Treasurer/Secretary Alan-Michael Vargas, MD, FAAFP, will be joining one of his COVID-recovered patients to speak at a press conference with Governor Jared Polis. The press conference will discuss the seriousness of this new phase of the pandemic. The press conference will be streamed at the governor’s Facebook page.

CAFP supports the new COVID-19 protections announced by Governor Polis this week in response to the growing surge of cases across the state.

The healthcare system, including our local physicians, nurses, and other healthcare staff are increasingly overworked and many are becoming ill themselves. If we do not immediately curb the spread of COVID-19, stricter stay-at-home orders will be needed. Your actions today can help.

We urge the public to stay home and wear a mask when outside the home to protect yourself, your healthcare workers, and your community. We strongly encourage all Coloradans to attend the holidays with only members in your household and celebrate with extended family virtually this year.

The Colorado Academy of Family Physicians is grateful to the Colorado Rural Health Center, where Dr. Vargas is the chair of the board, for its partnership in bringing his story to the public.