How Primary Care Physicians Can Provide the COVID-19 Vaccine

The rate of new COVID-19 infections in Colorado remains stubbornly high, despite substantial progress toward vaccinating the population. Both the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest maximizing vaccination whenever possible. Moreover, Colorado Joint Vaccine Task Force advises providers to take every opportunity to vaccinate every eligible person in their clinic. This includes opening a vial even if they don’t use every dose.

Just as importantly, new polling data by CDPHE shows that willingness to take a COVID-19 vaccination had jumped to 80 percent for all Coloradans. So the time is now to get involved in the efforts.

Already tried to enroll to give the Vaccine? If you have already tried to enroll as a vaccine provider with CDPHE but were unable to, or you are hitting other barriers, you can reach out to us at the CAFP to help troubleshoot:

Be a Trusted Messenger: Primary care providers (PCP) are trusted members of the community and can improve vaccination rates across the state. You can support these efforts by encouraging community members and your patients to get vaccinated or offer the vaccine at your clinic. You can use these template emails and texts. To support outreach efforts to members of your community, complete this form and someone from CDPHE will be in touch.  

Become a Vaccine Provider: To become a vaccine provider in your clinic follow these steps:

  • Check if you and your clinic are eligible to become a vaccine provider. Providers must:
    • Be associated with your clinic or entity who is licensed in Colorado to possess or administer vaccines or provide vaccination services.
    • Have an approved storage unit for COVID-19 vaccine storage that has the capacity to monitor vaccines with a calibrated digital data logger that has a buffered probe and the ability to record and store temperature data.
  • Identify unique primary and secondary vaccine staff coordinators at each location 
  • Contact to sign up, receive more information and request the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement form and CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Provider Profile form for each location where you want to distribute the vaccine
  • Create a Vaccine Management Plan (template)
  • Prepare for and schedule a Virtual Enrollment Site Visit with CDPHE

For full details and FAQs on how to enroll as a COVID Vaccine Provider, click here.

Additional information:

Once you are enrolled, it is critical to do outreach to your patients about the opportunity to get vaccinated in your clinic. Here are existing outreach template emails, texts, and phone scripts provided by CDPHE. 

If you’re having any trouble getting established as a vaccine provider, please contact Ryan Biehle at