Celebrating Our 2022 CAFP Awardees

Aimee English, MD is the 2022 CAFP Family Physician of the Year. Dr. English has demonstrated a deep commitment to family medicine at her clinic, and has innovated several important programs to stay engaged with patients and deliver them better care

Kent Voorhees, MD, is the 2022 CAFP Teacher of the Year. Dr. Voorhees has dedicated his life toward delivering family medicine in Colorado, and has played an invaluable role in developing residency programs and supporting medical students over more than three decades of service.

Shawnecca Burke, MD, is the 2022 CAFP Resident of the Year. Dr. Burke has already built a record of success in developing an empathic and patient-centered approach to clinical practice, and her dedication to serving the most vulnerable is a testament to the values of family medicine.

You can read all about our 2022 CAFP awardees in our Spring, 2022 Magazine.