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2019 Legislative Update

By Riley Stanton, CAFP Communications and Marketing Intern It was a productive 2019 legislative session, with 462 new bills passed into law. Three of these bills passed into law were CAFP-led. This legislation will invest more money into primary care, offer communication and resolution programs for patients and physicians when an unexpected health outcome occurs,…

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Looking Back at Member Advocacy in 2018

By Madison Dillon, CAFP Policy Intern Thank you to all the physicians who made a difference in Colorado during 2018! Your dedication and volunteerism made a meaningful impact this past year. Let’s look back at some of your accomplishments. Fifty-three CAFP physicians participated in our Doctor of the Day program, bringing healthcare to over 30…

The 2017 Legislative Session Starts Today
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The 2017 Legislative Session Starts Today

Healthcare has shaped every legislative session, and 2017 will be no different. We anticipate a busy and important session this year, both at the state and national level. We hope to have many family physicians representing us at the Capitol in 2017. Our legislators need to hear your concerns, your stories, and why you and…