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CAFP State Legislative Candidate Reception Held

The cornerstone of family medicine is the relationships family physicians build with their patients. That special relationship of trust and understanding can help a patient achieve their full health potential, and as we know from countless CAFP members, it’s what brings great joy to their practice and to their lives.

Yet family physicians are even more than healers in the patient room. They are trusted leaders in their communities, insightful advocates who can shape a better health system that leads to more equitable and just outcomes for every Coloradan.

That’s why we held the 2016 CAFP State Legislative Candidate Reception. It’s an opportunity to build relationships between Colorado’s physicians and state leaders who can shape the future of healthcare. These relationships are just as important as those with patients, because what happens under the Gold Dome of the State Capitol will ultimately impact what happens in clinic. The way we pay for care, the training opportunities for rural physicians, the cost of medical student debt, the extent of patients’ coverage for services or prescription drugs – these are all influenced by state policymakers. And family physicians, who know what makes and keeps patients healthy, need a strong, trusted voice in the debate.

27 candidates for state office joined us to learn about family medicine and what they can do to make Colorado a healthier state. As CAFP President Tamaan Osbourne-Roberts, MD put it, “family physicians face seemingly endless challenges, from the highest rates of burnout in any specialty, to being on the hamster wheel of the fee-for-service system with fewer minutes in the day for patients than for paperwork.” But despite these challenges, we know there is a path to a better system. Said President Osbourne-Roberts, “paying for value rather than volume, supporting the Patient-Centered Medical Home, ensuring physicians can practice the way they work best, whether it’s in solo, employed or Direct Primary Care practice – this is what we need state policymakers to support.”

CAFP’s support of 51 candidates this election cycle is about putting family medicine at the forefront of building a better healthcare system. It’s about making Coloradans healthier and rekindling what makes family medicine such a rewarding profession.

The candidates endorsed by the CAFP include:

Bob Rankin Republican
Kevin Grantham Republican
Jeni James Arndt Democrat HD 53
Brittany Pettersen Democrat HD 28
Jody Shadduck-McNally Democrat HD 51
Joann Ginal Democrat HD 52
John Kefalas Democrat SD 14
Millie Hamner Democrat HD 61
Chris Hansen Democrat HD 06
Bob Gardner Republican SD 12
Nancy Todd Democrat SD 28
J.Paul Brown Republican HD 59
Sebastian Chunn Republican SD 29
Tracy Kraft-Tharp Democrat HD 29
Jenise May Democrat SD 25
Christina Riegel Democrat SD 04
Dave Young Democrat HD 50
Kit Roupe Republican HD 17
Larry Crowder Republican SD 35
Spencer Wellman Republican HD 40
Tom Sullivan Democrat SD 27
Wade Norris Democrat HD 27
Donald Valdez Democrat HD 62
Corey Piper Republican HD 11
Barbara McLachlan Democrat HD 59
Bob Schutt Republican HD 61
Tony Exum Democrat HD 17
Annie King Democrat HD 48
Matt Gray Democrat HD 33
Rachel Zenzinger Democrat SD 19
T.J. Cole Democrat SD 23
Emily Tracy Democrat SD 08
Nancy Doty Republican SD 26
Paul Rosenthal Democrat HD 09
Bob Dillon Republican HD 12
Adrienne Benavidez Democrat HD 32
Dominique “Nikki” Jackson Democrat HD 42
KC Becker Democrat HD 13
Linda Garrison Republican HD 41
Carol A. Barrett Democrat HD 37
Larry Liston Republican HD 16
JoAnn Windholz Republican HD 30
Laura Woods Republican SD 19
Daniel Kagan Democrat SD 26
Robert Bowen Democrat HD 38
Diane E. Mitsch Bush Democrat HD 26
Faith Winter Democrat HD 35
Janet Buckner Democrat HD 40
Susan Lontine Democrat HD 01
Mike Weissman Democrat HD 36
Sharon Huff Democrat HD 15

CAFP members and spouses can donate to the CAFP Small Donor Committee to strengthen our collective voice and help elect candidates – on a nonpartisan basis – who support and promote family medicine. Contribute here: https://www.coloradoafp.org/advocacy/contribute/

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