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Looking Back at Member Advocacy in 2018

By Madison Dillon, CAFP Policy Intern

Thank you to all the physicians who made a difference in Colorado during 2018! Your dedication and volunteerism made a meaningful impact this past year. Let’s look back at some of your accomplishments.

Fifty-three CAFP physicians participated in our Doctor of the Day program, bringing healthcare to over 30 patients at the Colorado State Capitol. Legislators are very thankful for your service, as they were able to receive much-needed care despite their busy schedules. Additionally, those who volunteered for Doctor of the Day said they really enjoyed the exciting opportunity to meet their representatives. Not only did these physicians provide a great service, but they also had the added bonus of getting involved in healthcare policy. Just being at the capitol allowed them to become more familiar with Colorado’s state government and feel like they can more easily participate in the policy process. Thank you to all who contributed to this program! We hope more of you will have the opportunity to join us for Doctor of the Day during 2019.

Over and over, CAFP members have proven their commitment to advocacy, and 2018 was no exception. Last year, you sent 79 letters to federal legislators, and 9 of you testified in 11 state committee hearings. Your voice and dedication to CAFP was instrumental in passing three bills that improve the lives of our fellow Coloradans, including better regulation of opioid prescriptions, adding inpatient and residential treatment to the Medicaid benefit to treat opioid addiction, and prescription drug price transparency between pharmacists and patients. CAFP members are truly making a difference in Colorado healthcare policy.

CAFP’s Primary Care Investment Initiative continues to be a top priority for 2019, and we are grateful for the support our members gave in 2018 to push this legislation forward. Thirteen other organizations endorsed our initiative, and we have had 24 different meetings concerning this legislation. As evidenced by your persistent passion to advocating for a healthier Colorado and country, we know we can count on our members’ continual support in 2019.

Thank you for everything you do!