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Nominations for the 2018 CAFP Awards are now open.

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The application deadline for all award is December 1, 2017.

Family Physician of the Year

The Family Physician of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding family physician who provides outstanding care, enhances their community, is a role model professionally and personally, and is an exemplary representative of the AAFP, CAFP, and family medicine profession.

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Teacher of the Year 

The Teacher of the Year Award recognizes an exceptional family medicine educator, teaching part-time, full-time or volunteer. Nominees should demonstrate dedication to preparing the next generation of family physicians to provide excellent, patent-centered care.

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Family Medicine Resident of the Year

The F. William Barrows Award for Outstanding Family Medicine Resident Award recognizes a first, second or third year resident who demonstrates clinical, academic or teaching excellence and a dedication to patients, colleagues and the community.

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CAFP Patient-Centered Innovation Award

The CAFP Patient Centered Innovation Award recognizes family medicine practices, health systems, health centers or residencies that have developed and implemented an innovative approach to improving patient-centered care.

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For questions about the awards please contact Lynlee Espeseth at or 303-696-6655 x 16.

Past Winners

Past Patient Centered Innovation Award Winners (note, 2016 and prior the award was titled PMCH of the Year)

Year Practice Name
2017 Rocky Kohsla- Concussion Consultants at Centura
2016 University of Colorado Primary Care Clinic at Lone Tree
2015 University Family Medicine of Westminster / Boulder
2014 AF Williams Family Medicine
2013 New West Physicians
2012 Primary Care Partners
2011 Miramont Family Medicine
2010 Westminster Family Medicine

Past Physician of the Year Awards

Year Name
1988 Mark Alping, MD
Parke Davis
Teacher Development Award
1989 John Simon, MD
1990 Andre Huffmire, MD
Mead Johnson Award for Graduate Medical Education in Family Medicine
1991 David West, MD
1992 Robert N. Williams, MD
1993 Phillip J. Mohler, MD
1994 Mark Olson, MD
1995 Kent Petrie, MD
1996 Michael Victoroff, MD
1997 Dean Branson, DO
1998 50 Superheros
1999 M. Lee Schmucker, MD
2000 Mark Sindler, MD
2001 John Ford, MD
2002 Thomas Kail, MD
2003 Jerome Smith, MD
2004 Scott Rollins, MD
2005 Marnie Eulberg, MD
2006 Martin Pirnat, MD
2007 Mike Pramenko, MD
2008 Robert McCurry, DO
2009 Caroline Reilly, MD
2010 Kent Voorhees, MD, FAAFP
2011 Scott Hammond, MD
2012 Kern Low, MD
2013 Paul Fonken, MD
Estes Park
2014 John Bender, MD
Fort Collins
2015 Elias Hernandez, MD
Fort Morgan
2016 Mary Fairbanks, MD
2017 John Steven Lavengood, MD, Durango


Past Resident of the Year Awards

Year Name
1981 Thomas A. Richards, MD
S. Colorado
1982 Paul Salmen, MD
St. Joseph
1983 Joseph M. Murphy, MD
1984 Stanley J. Malner, MD
AF Williams
1985 Richard Wheeler, MD
1986 Erica Elliott, MD
1987 Mary Ruth Salazar-Tier, MD
St. Joseph
1988 Scott Corliss, MD
Carl Frickman, MD
1989 Sally C. Berger, MD
St. Joseph
1990 Mary Fairbanks, MD
CHSC Family Center
Patrick Sankovitz, MD
1991 Patricia Ammon, MD
Grand Junction
1992 David D. Candelaria, MD
St. Joseph
1993 Sherry Whisenant, MD
1994 Daniel Smith, DO
St. Joseph
1995 Warren Thompson, MD
St. Joseph
1996 Frederick Grover, MD
1997 Elizabeth Winfield, MD
1998 Elliot Bruhl, MD
St. Joseph
1999 Todd Wampler, MD
Ft. Collins
2000 Robert Reeg, MD
St Anthony
2001 Eliz Albritton, MD
Ft. Collins
2002 Jon Zonca, MD
2003 Darcy Scheeler, MD
AF Williams
2004 Graham Chelius, MD
N. Colorado
2005 Reed Sather, MD
Grand Junction
2006 Laura Makaroff, DO
2007 Reeves Bowler, MD
St. Mary’s
2008 Kim Bentrott, MD
St. Anthony
2009 Sameerah al-Bata’a-de-Montero, MD
University of Colorado Hospital
2010 Zach Wachtl, MD
2011 Toby Long, MD
St. Mary’s Grand Junction
2012 Sarah DeMoor, MD
Lisa Young, MD
2013 Patrick Smith, MD
2014 Gina Martin, MD
St. Mary’s Grand Junction
2015 Kari Mader, MD
University of Colorado
2016 Michael Matergia, MD
St. Joseph
2017 Brenda Campos-Spitze, MD


Past Teacher of the Year Awards

Year Name
1982 R. Neil Chisolm, MD
1983 Edward Bender, MD
1984 David Williams, MD
1985 Aris Sophocles, Jr, MD
1986 Edward Bender, MD
1987 Richard Nicholas, MD
1988 Jim Ley, MD
1989 John Tarr, MD
1990 David Nowles, MD
1991 David Price, MD
1992 Christopher Shearer, MD
1993 Penelope Thron-Weber, MD
1994 Richard Patt, MD
1995 Sherman Straw, MD
Grand Junction
1996 Wilson Pace, MD
1997 Frank Reed, MD
1998 50 Superheros
1999 Mark Deutchman, MD
2000 John Hill, DO
2001 Richard Drexelius, MD
2002 Mark Cucuzella, MD
2003 Andre Huffmire, MD
2004 William Wignall, MD
2005 Martha Illige, MD
2006 Kajsa Harris, DO
2007 Marc Grushan, MD
2008 Laura Stein, MD
2009 Barbara Kelly, MD
AF Williams
2010 Dan Fahrenholtz, MD, MBA
2011 Brian Bacak, MD
2012 Kathy Miller, MD
2013 Candace Murbach, DO
2014 Corey Lyon, DO
2015 Leah Cooper, MD
2016 Kurt Dallow, MD
2017 Jeff Cook, MD