A Doctor’s Day in the Life at the Capitol – by CAFP President-elect Dr. Cleveland Piggott

It’s 9AM under the golden dome and the marble halls echo as lawmakers, staffers, lobbyists, and members of the public start their day. One person is there for a very unique reason.

Volunteering as Doctor of the Day, CAFP President-elect Dr. Cleveland Piggott took a few moments to share what a day in the life looks like when volunteering in this unique role:

Family physicians from across the state will volunteer at the state Capitol to be Doctor of the Day with the Colorado Academy of Family Physicians (CAFP). No agenda, just service. I try to volunteer at least once a year as I think it’s important for our legislators to know we family docs are here to serve the people of Colorado no matter their district or their politics.

These days are generally relaxed, but it has been great to take advantage of listening to the legislative session (helps it not seem so scary) and even tour the capitol if things are not too exciting. I’ve had opportunities to meet with my legislators in the past. Every once in a while, our CAFP lobbyist might even find you to bring you in to give testimony on an important health issue. Legislators come from all background, and many have little to no background in health care. Our input can be vital in helping to create, stop, and pass important legislation for our communities.

The first time I served as doctor of the day was as a resident and with the exception of COVID surges and having a baby, I’m there every year. If you’d like to volunteer or learn more about the program, you can do so here. This year, our legislative priorities are as follows:

  1. Streamlining healthcare administrative processes to improve patient and provider experience
  2. Increasing health care access for all Coloradans
  3. Strengthening the health care workforce
  4. Addressing the social determinants of health

Additionally, if you’d like to learn more about the CAFP’s legislative priorities or voice concerns about issues important to you and your patients, feel free to reach out to erica@coloradoafp.org.

Thanks so much for sharing, Dr. Piggott!

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