2022 Ballot Guide and Voting Resources

Tuesday, November 8th is Election Day across the country. As a future or current family physician in Colorado, you can be an advocate for your patients and community at the ballot box in addition to the clinic. It is known that medical care only amounts for 10-20% of the contributors to healthy outcomes in our communities, while the other 80-90% are determined by non-medical factors, often referred to as the social determinants of health. These non-medical factors like access to affordable housing, transportation, cost of prescription drugs, and job opportunities are decisions that get made at local, state, and national levels.

The CAFP has surveyed and interviewed many of the state candidates on the 2022 November ballot resulting in 49 endorsed candidates through our small donor committee. These candidates have either previously demonstrated their commitment to family medicine by being a champion for our priorities or have the potential to lead on our priorities if elected.

In addition to the state legislative candidates, below is a summary of the state ballot initiatives. You can find out more about these and your local ballot measures in the mailed Blue Book, which provides a summary and details the pros and cons of each measure.

Be sure to drop off your ballot or be in line at your polling location by 7pm on Tuesday, November 8th. Find the closest ballot box or polling location by visiting your county clerk’s website. More voter resources at the bottom of the page.

Candidate Endorsement Results

Find out your district here using the new 2022 Colorado House and Senate District maps.

As of Monday, November 14th, of the 49 endorsed candidates that Colorado Academy of Family Physician members deemed champions for family medicine, 44 of the called races won their elections (95% of House endorsed candidates and 100% of Senate endorsed candidates).


State Ballot Measure Guide

Endorsed Ballot Measures: Prop FF won 56% of the vote

All Statewide Ballot Measure Summary:

Ballot Measure Number Title Summary Legislative Council Staff Analysis
Proposition 121 State Income Tax Rate Reduction Decreases state income tax rate from 4.55% to 4.40% beginning with tax year 2022. Prop 121 Analysis
Proposition 122 Access to Natural Medicine Legalizes the sale, use, consumption, and growing of “natural medicines” for those over 21 years of age. Natural medicines include psilocybin and psilocyn until 2026, but upon determination of the advisory board may include dimethyltryptamine, ibogaine, and mescaline (excluding peyote); after 2026. Prop 122 Analysis
Proposition 123 Dedicated State Income Tax Revenue for Affordable Housing Programs Requires that .1% of all state revenue is deposited into a state affordable housing fund that can be used for affordable housing development, acquisition, affordable homeownership programs, homelessness programs, and local capacity development programs. Prop 123 Analysis
Proposition 124 Concerning Liquor Licenses Changes the number of additional retail liquor store licenses an individual may have at one time. Increasing every five years until 2037, when an individual may have unlimited retail liquor store licenses. Prop 124 Analysis
Proposition 125 Sales of Alcohol Beverages Beginning March 1, 2023, allows for the sale of wine in stores that can sell beer. Prop 125 Analysis
Proposition 126 Third-Party Delivery of Alcohol Beginning March 1, 2023, allows for the home delivery of alcohol through a third party service. Prop 126 Analysis
Amendment E Homestead Exemption to Surviving Spouses of US Armed Forces Members and Veterans Amendment Extents the existing homestead tax exemption to surviving spouses of military personnel. Am E Analysis
Amendment D 23rd Judicial District Amendment Allows for judges to be designated in the newly created 23rd Judicial District Am D Analysis
Amendment F Charitable Gaming Amendment Allows the legislature to set the amount of time an organization must exist before receiving a charitable gaming license and allows for the operators to be paid. Am F Analysis


Proposition FF

*Endorsed by the CAFP

Reduce Income Tax Deduction Amounts to Fund School Meals Program Requires taxpayers with adjusted gross incomes of $300,000 or more to add back a portion of their itemized or standard deduction in order to fund the Healthy School Meals for All program. Prop FF Analysis
Proposition GG Changes to Income Tax Owed Required for Citizen Initiatives Requires ballot initiatives that change income taxes to include a table showing the changes in average income taxes for different tax brackets. Prop GG Analysis

Voting Resources

Colorado election dates:

  • October: Ballot and Blue Books (information about each ballot measure) arrives in your mailbox
  • October 31: Last day to mail your ballot
  • November 8: General Election  – Polls open 7am to 7pm, ballot boxes close 7pm

Track your ballot:

  • Most counties offer a ballot tracking service like BallotTrax. Check with your local county elections office for more information.

Help Your Patients and Colleagues Become Active Voters

Interested in being a resource for your patients and colleagues for the upcoming election? Voting has direct connections to health outcomes – from who we elect to determine state funds and services for important health related programs to ballot initiatives that impact community health. Family physicians can lead their communities in being active voters this election. 

Below are some helpful tools to get you started:

  • Voter Registration Badges – Order a free voter registration badge that can clip on to your existing ID to connect folks to the state’s voter registration information. (See photo of Dr. Piggott below with his badge!)
  • Conversation Starters – Helpful tips in starting conversations about voting with your patients. 
  • Promoting Voter Registration in Health Clinics – Toolkit for providers seeking to urge voter registration within the clinic setting. 
  • Clinic Visuals – Flyers to have in your clinic or office to support peers and patients in finding out their voter registration status and how to vote safely in 2022.